Leopard Workshops

How to Make a short film in 6-8 hours.

Camp No. 1
Leader Teacher DC
Co-teacher Cindy
Subject How to Make a short film in 6-8 hours.
Level Basic - Intermediate
Key Words Film-Making, Video-making tutorials
Language English
Duration 3 days 2 night
Theme Workshop/Mission Project
Date 5,6,7 August
Day One Workshop/Mission Project plan
18:00. Introduction and Ice-breakers.
19:00. General Introduction and Statement of Purpose.
Discussion of genres and story types. General anatomy of a story.
20:00. Compare and contrast, short stories, novels, films.
21:00. Finding story ideas. Identifying sources.
22:00.Dessert Discuss the step by step writing work flow.
Where do you start? How do you start and where do you end?
Day Two
07:00. River Park Morning walking
08:00. Breakfast
09:00. How do you go from an idea to FADE OUT, the various steps in between.
10:00. Discuss: well rounded characters drive stories.
11:00. How to create well rounded characters.
12:00. Lunch time at out side
13:00. What is a synopsis? What is a treatment?
14:00. Writing effective dialogue.
15:00. Effective dialogue in action - watch a few clips and discuss.
15:30: (Tea times) Reading a sample short screen play.
16:00. Pitch Fest. What is a pitch? Pitch and pick.
17:00. Dinner time (Group back to class)
18:00. Breaking a script down for shooting. Props, locations, actors, crew, etc
19:00. Working with the camera, basic composition rules.
20:00. Putting the cast and crew together. Key crew members.
21:00. Planning the shoot: Shot list creation and or storyboarding.
22:00. Dessert Writing time. - 2 hours, Presentation: Table reading - read sample writings.
23:00. Group Meeting and good night
Day Three
07:00. River Park Morning walking
08:00. Breakfast
09:00. Principal Photography
10:00. Principal Photography
11:00. Principal Photography
12:00. Principal Photography
Lunch time & break
13:00. Post Production, Editing, Titling
14:00. Post Production, Color correction, Music
15:00. Post Production, Encoding,
15:30: (Tea times) Film Screening
16:00. Film Screening
17:00. Dinner, Leopard Oscars - Best Film, Director, Etc
18:00. Conclusion
Student Fee/person