Leopard Workshops: How to Start Up a New Business?

Camp No. 1
Leader Teacher Cindy Hsu
Co-teacher Co-Teacher
Class Group Business
Subject How to Start Up a New Business?
Level Basic Level for every one
Key Words Start-Up, Workshop, Businesses Research
Language Chinese, English
Duration 3 days 2 night
Theme Workshop/Mission Project
Date Times Schedule
Day 1 Workshop/Mission Project plan
18:00. Start Students self Introduction
19:00. 1.introduction yourself
2.why and what business you want to do?
20:00. Business Partner Matching: Choose Group A,B,C,D
21:00. Group Discuss 1:
22:00.Dessert 1.What business to do? company name?
2.Street Survey plan & Routes
23:00. Group Meeting and good night
Day 2
07:00. River Park Morning walking
08:00. Breakfast
09:00. Presentation for Discuss 1:Group 1~4
10:00. Teacher: Comments & Conclusions
11:00. Market Research: Street survey for Business
12:00. Lunch time at out side
13:00. 1.Looking for people needs or service to do.
14:00. 2.Choose 10 kinds of business profit Analysis
15:00. 3.Choose a business to do
15:30: (Tea times) 4.Profit Analysis & Finance plan
17:00. Dinner time (Group back to class)
18:00. Presentation Street Survey Reports:
19:00. Presentation: Group A 1~4
20:00. Presentation: Group B 1~4
21:00. Presentation: Group C 1~4
22:00. Dessert Presentation: Group D 1~4
Comments & Conclusions
23:00. Group Meeting and good night
Day 3
07:00. River Park Morning walking
08:00. Breakfast
09:00. Group discuss 2 :Sett Up a company & operation
10:00. 1.organization and positions
11:00. 2.produt pricing & Marketing plan
12:00. A,B,C,D Groups Presentation 1~4
Lunch time & break
13:00. Group Discussion 3:Competition Strategy
14:00. 1.company SWOT analysis
15:00. 2.marketing Strategic
15:30: (Tea times) 3.Porter five forces analysis
16:00. Group A,B,C,D Presentation 1~4
17:00. Comments & Conclusions
18:00. The End
Student Fee/person   NTD 18800
Internship Help looking for companies
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Contacts  Cindy Hsu
Email: cindy@leopard-camp.com
Programs Website www.leopard-camp.com